Little-known vacation spots

Little-known vacation spots hidden gems

Little-known vacation spots

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You are currently viewing Little-known vacation spots

Little-known vacation spots

You’ll appreciate it much more if you visit a new location ahead of your friends.

Travel is truly amazing when you confront the unknown and lose yourself in the beauty of a location that is just on the brink of discovery. The exciting experience of arriving in a new, unexplored area is addicting.

What is a staycation?

A staycation is a vacation that is either taken at home with daily visits to nearby attractions or is taken at home rather than abroad.

The phrase has gradually evolved to mean domestic tourism in British English or vacationing within one’s own country as opposed to going overseas.


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Want to travel but want to stay away from crowds? Many areas are unknown to most people but have a look at our list of the best lesser-known vacation spots.

Hidden Beach – Playa Del Amor, Mexico

Hidden Beach – Playa Del Amor, Mexico hidden gems

The beaches of Mexico are among the greatest in the world. Cancun and Baja California are well known, but what about the Marietas Islands?

From the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, it is simple to reach this little archipelago. It is a haven for a variety of marine species and offers excellent diving due to the ocean’s depth, which ranges from 70 to 110 feet.

Playa del Amor, a secret cove created by a sizable crater in the center of the island, may be found here.

Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India hidden gems

One of the few remaining areas on Earth is the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh, which is mostly undiscovered. Ladakh, which is located at an average elevation of 11,500 feet, is surrounded by the Great Himalaya, the Ladakh, the Zanskar, and the Karakoram mountain ranges.

It’s one of India’s best-kept secrets, offering breath-taking views at every turn. Take in the breath-taking vistas, the tranquillity of the pure mountain air, and the area’s extensive Buddhist tradition.

Tourists to Ladakh have a choice between isolated luxury tented camps and stunning homestays like the Shakti Village Houses in undiscovered villages of the Indus Valley. Enjoy the ultimate escapist’s fantasy as you tour Leh with the local monarchy, interact with neighborhood monks, stargaze endlessly, and even witness a Ladakhi polo match.

Boise, ID

Boise, ID hidden gems

Although practically everyone is familiar with the city, few people consider it when planning a holiday, making it the ideal destination if you want to escape a lot of tourist crowds.

Boise is a trendy, developing city that is great for anyone who wants to spend time in nature. Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, tubing, skiing, or mountain biking, Boise offers it all.

You may take a tube ride down the Boise River to see all the creatures that live there, such as bald eagles, mink, ospreys, and red-tailed hawks.

Boise is an excellent starting point for day excursions in the neighbourhood. Rent a car, and you may go within one to two hours to Kirkham Hot Springs, a natural hot spring with hot waterfalls tucked away along the Payette River, or Bruneau Dunes State Park, the largest freestanding dune in the United States.

It’s better to stay downtown in Boise to be near to everything while deciding where to stay. Visitors to the city often stay at The Grove Hotel. The Boise River is a ten-minute walk from the hotel, which is located in the center of town.

Fusterlandia Havana, Cuba

Fusterlandia  Havana, Cuba hidden gems

Given that Havana is one of the world’s most dynamic cities, it should come as no surprise that there are several really attractive locations outside of the usual tourist destinations.

One of them is called Fusterlandia and is situated in the modest area of Jaimanitas. It is distinguished for the enormous public art projects created by the region’s resident artist Jose Fuster, also known as the “Picasso of the Caribbean.” Swimming pools and stairways are woven with fantastic creature sculptures, producing a vibrant spectacle not to be missed!

Baxter State Park, Maine

Baxter State Park, Maine hidden gems hiking

Looking for an unusual hiking trip in the US? The Baxter State Park in northern Maine is the only place to go.

One of the most untamed natural regions on the East Coast is Baxter State Park, which is located near the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. The tallest mountain in Maine, Mount Katahdin (5,269 ft), is located there.

One of New England’s most challenging climbs, the Knife Edge Trail, is one you won’t want to miss if you enjoy hiking (and the US as a whole). This is a challenging climb with a 3,413-foot elevation gain and a 2,000-foot fall on either side. Therefore, the right tools, abilities, and judgment are required.

The Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, and Poland

The Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, and Poland hidden gems hiking

The Tatras are the ideal vacation spot all year round since they are tucked away between Slovakia and Poland. In the winter, you may go skiing on the slopes for a very reasonable price, followed by fireplace drinks and the regional specialty of warm sheep cheese with homemade pasta. There are a ton of hiking routes to discover in the summer that goes up to alpine lakes and summits with stunning views of the area. Stay in a charming tiny town like Diar, where you can get around easily by foot or by bus.

Riquewihr Village in Alsace, France

Riquewihr Village in Alsace, France hidden gems hiking

The Riquewihr town in Alsace, France, is regarded as one of the most beautiful in France, which is quite an accomplishment in a nation famed for its spectacular architecture and scenery. It is guaranteed to gratify anybody wishing to take a step back into a more serene and peaceful time.

Houses constructed between the 15th and 18th centuries may be seen along the cobblestone streets, along with tiny enterprises that provide one-of-a-kind products and experiences.

The little town is renowned for its world-famous wines in addition to its historic architectural style. There are many places to have wine tastings before picking which wines to buy and enjoy at home.

Dominica Island

Dominica Island hidden gems hiking

You’re sure to fall in love with this lush, mountainous island nation if you adore the outdoors and the color green. Due to its pristine beauty, Dominica has earned the moniker “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.” It is stated that if Christopher Columbus were to cruise the Caribbean in 2019, Dominica would be the only island he would recognize.

Beautiful tropical rainforests, the untouched Trois Piton National Park with its raging Boiling Lake, the lovely Emerald Pool waterfall, and the Champagne Reef—named for its bubbling currents created by an underwater volcano—are just a few highlights.


In conclusion, some of the lesser-known holiday sites are undiscovered tourist destinations in a variety of regions of the world.

Pick one of the above-mentioned secret vacation places for your upcoming trip if you want to escape crowds while still enjoying nature, history, and family time.

If you ever visited or came across another spot that you consider worth noting drop us a message with your experience and become a contributor to our blog.

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