The Three Most Important Things About Solo-Traveling

The Three Most Important Things About Solo-Traveling

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We can find thousands of articles and specific tips about how to prepare a solo-trip, about what to think of and what to know for a trip on your own. But does this work for everybody? – Definitely No! Every traveler is different and likes to travel his*her own way. So, is there a universal validity? We can only find significance by going to the very fundamental and adjustable tips. Let´s check out the three basics so you can build up your personal solo-traveler soul.

Be confident

Your attitude will shape your way of traveling. If you want to travel alone, make yourself confident about being on your own. You will rely on your own decisions, your own behavior and you will finally be responsible for yourself. Your mindset will help you planning and making your trip in a positive and optimistic way. Being scared will just take a lot of energy and will finally show you, that there is no reason to fear. While meeting other travelers it will be a good thing to feel confident about yourself and face them with a self-assured attitude. People can get to know you with your full and real personality. So, keep your head up, straighten your back and be who you are, love yourself and go out with a big smile. With your confidence and happiness, you will get in contact with people with the same vibes, you will have unforgettable moments with locals and you will feel yourself while traveling. By being confident you will learn about yourself, you will understand yourself and you will definitely find your traveler-soul.

Trust your instinct

If your gut is telling you that the place or the people aren’t right listen to your instinct. Follow your feeling. If you feel like going to another place, to meet other people or explore a new place, go for it. If you feel unsafe, trust yourself. The only thing you have to be careful is to not freak out about your own fear. Don´t be scared about people or situations because most of the time they just want to help you. If you are scared a lot, you will lose many opportunities and experiences because you are always trying to find the failure, even there is no problem. In this kind of situations, you will forget to enjoy the moment and in your memories, it will always stay connected with fear and stress. Train your instinct and listen in which situation you should be careful and in which moments you can just trust in the good.


Traveling solo should not be a pressured event which you have to tick off your to do list. Traveling solo is an adventure which you can plan or which you can just do spontaneously. This depends on your personal type of traveling. There are people who want to prepare everything in advance and then there are people who want to travel under the impulse of the moment. It is your very own decision what kind of traveler you are. A fact which is important for all travelers is to basically enjoy the trip as much as possible no matter what kind of trip you do. The moments you enjoy and the pure version of happiness which appears will be the memories you will keep for the rest of your life and which will make you rich by heart.

The three aspects are a basic understanding of an attitude which will definitely help you on your solo trip. It is very important that this post is not specifying tips which has to be followed or has to be valid for everybody, because in fact everybody has his/her own personality which should not be covered by tips somebody else declares as right. Here we want to give a fundamental which every solo-traveler can adapt to his/her own personality and which can be extended with an individual design in all directions.
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