The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

What countries are good to travel solo as a woman? Many women share their experiences of different countries on blogs and suggest which countries are easy and safe to travel as a solo female. Everybody has different favorites. So, we asked one of our experienced solo traveler Luisa to tell us which country she would suggest to travel solo as a woman. Let´s check out what Luisa will tell us:


In South East Asia, I would totally recommend Thailand as a super easy country to travel on your own. You can get everywhere very easy, locals will help you and you will get to know many other travelers.


Nepal is a country full of culture, tradition and amazing nature. Here you definitely have a great time as a solo traveler. If you want to go for trekking, you can find female guides easily. This country will absolutely charm you with amazing friendly people who will welcome you with all their hospitality.


Italy with his massive roman history will blow you away. There are impressive ancient buildings and the happy warmhearted people will make your time amazing.


Spain will fascinate you with the rhythm of the music, amazing landscape, beaches and passionate people who will show you their culture and life. With good wine and great food, you can enjoy your trip the fullest.


Albania is a hidden treasure. It is a paradise which just starts to get touristic. Albania is a very safe country to travel. You can find amazing mountains, beautiful cities, beaches and lakes in one country. As a solo woman people will help you in every situation and will make your adventure unforgettable.


Austria seems quite unnoticed. But it is a country with amazing mountains. You can do numerous hikes and treks as well as skiing and snowboarding with a huge offer of slopes. Even in summer the little Austria is remarkable with its beautiful cities and the friendly people with lots of humor.


Switzerland is of course famous for its impressive mountains with shillings full of cows having bells around their neck. Switzerland has way more than that. There is a very interesting culture and tradition in all the cities and villages. And of course, we should not forget the locals who are very friendly helpful and always ready to make your trip amazing.


Belgium with its capital Brussels is an amazing country. The international city (French, German and Dutch) with many young people from all over the planet will take you in a whole different world and will lead you from pubs to sights and again to a place where you can try one of those hundred different beers, which Belgium is famous for. It is absolutely worth it to follow the flow and get the mood of Belgium.


Cuba is a whole different experience. You feel like being in another century with all the old-timer cars. In the same time, you can see the modern cities with all its buildings and technology. The people will show you how to enjoy life with some good Cuban dance and teach you the rhythm of how to have an amazing trip with some good rum or cigars.

These are only a few countries we listed. The whole world is full of adventures and experiences for female solo travelers and they are just waiting to be explored from all the amazing women of this earth.
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