Living in Plovdiv: The local food influencer who inspires globetrotters to visit the city

Living in Plovdiv: The local food influencer who inspires globetrotters to visit the city

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Plovdiv is the second biggest city of Bulgaria and European Capital of Culture for 2019. In the last few years, the local scene has significantly changed and the economy is growing. Digital tech companies are increasing their presence on the job market and artistic vibes are spreading in the newly formed creative district – Kapana. Living in Plovdiv has become a thing.

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The vibrant spirit of the city comes from its people. They live and create with passion and successfully influence different aspects of local life in their mission to make Plovdiv better and the place to be.
Who is Gali Tastes?
Galina Shoteva a.k.a. Gali Tastes is a food influencer, blogger and traveler who is sharing her passion for food through social media.

Her mission is to explore cultures through their cuisine, ingredients, and the way of cooking of the locals while sharing her discoveries with her followers and inspiring globetrotters to visit Plovdiv for its gourmet food but not only.
Choosing to go back living in Plovdiv
It is common for young people from Bulgaria to move abroad. For example to study, or gain intercultural experience and broaden their horizons. They learn how to be more independent, open-minded and accepting while interacting with people from all over the world. Some completely change the way they see life and it’s meaning.
Gali was born in Plovdiv, but she did not live all her life in the city. As a creative and adventurous young person, she spent a few years living in Manchester, doing her Bachelors degree where she managed also to broaden her interpersonal and communication spectrum.
Shortly after her graduation, Gali took the decision to go back home and enjoy living in Plovdiv again.

Compared with a few years back, things in the city are now different. Plovdiv is flourishing – with so many pop-up galleries, farm markets, and cultural festivals all around.
It almost feels like the city has resurrected. It has become a place where people like Gali would want to live in.

The growing food scene in the city
With the growing number of visitors in the city, Plovdiv food scene is becoming more diverse and tastier. To celebrate that, Gali has created the Instagram account

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Любимият паваж Крем супа от тиквички и брускета с мус от козе сирене – идеален петъчен обяд #plovdivfooddiary #plovdivfood #plovdiveats #pavaj . . . . . #delicious #lunch #soup #kapana #plovdiv #plovediv #plovdiv2019 #instaeats #instagood #food #blogger #foodporn #visitplovdiv #plovdivbulgaria
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Its purpose – to showcase to the world the food Plovdiv has to offer by sharing the incredible spots to dine, wine and unwind.
I’ve had a great number of travelers sending me direct messages to thank me for the food photography I share. They say that my instagram has made them put Plovdiv in their travel agenda. It makes me feel really good that people are interested in my hometown. It is always a pleasure when they find out about some lovely place through my account.
Apart from her work as a food influencer, Gali has recently launched her own culinary project – Galitastes. It is currently available only in Bulgarian. Its purpose is to share healthy recipes, as well as her own take on dishes she has tried abroad but has put a Plovdivian twist on it.
She was featured in the recent edition of BBC’s Good Food (Bulgaria) as evidence of her devoted work as a successful food blogger where the magazine published her very own creative recipe for a local gourmet dish.

Favorite things about living in Plovdiv
Plovdiv is always buzzing and it could be everyone’s cup of tea if you give it a chance. You can have wine and cheese on a barrel and then enjoy a local handcrafted beer just a few steps across the street.

You can try delicious cocktails inspired from different spots around the world at a contemporary designed place or devour modern takes on classics at an 80s inspired bar.
The best part is that you can easily move from one place to the other in just a few minutes. There are many cool creative places with a good atmosphere, nice music, and even nicer people, so you never know where the night might end.

Eating and drinking outside
Hanging out after work, having a drink in the Kapana Creative District and taking it easy. This is the Plovdiv lifestyle.
Enjoying a meal outside in a vibrant atmosphere is the best remedy for my mental health. After an intense day at work, I am eager to meet my friends and enjoy tasty supper with them in a nice patio or on one of the central squares.

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Бейгъл със сьомга и крема сирене, салата цезар, домашна лимонада и домашна фанта . . . . . #plovdivfooddiary #plovdivfood #multiculti #kapana #plovdiv
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If you are interested in doing a food tour in Plovdiv, Gali can offer you the perfect foodie guide with the best eats in the city.
Farmer markets, handmade bazaars, and food festivals
While walking down the city center and exploring the streets of the city, it is very probable to find a pop-up market that will be there just for a day or a week.
It is always curious to discover different gems people have made with their own hands. It is even more joyous to buy from those places as it has become a symbol of support to the local artisanal culture and art community.

The food festivals taking place in Kapana bring food from all over the world to Plovdiv. They are a source of inspiration to the local restaurant owners and expand the gastronomy tastes of the locals.

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To experience food from different parts of the world is to experience the foreign culture itself. As a foodie, I am very pleased that Plovdiv is stepping up the spectrum of cuisines that one can find.
Simply having a coffee on the street and enjoy life
They say people of Plovdiv are pretty relaxed and living in Plovdiv is making you be “ailyak”. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but it is certain that every person in the city would sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while contemplating the surroundings and taking a moment to appreciate life. Having a coffee “to-go” and run is just not a thing.

The traditional local thing to taste
People to the north eat bagels, people to the south eat croissants. The traditional local food surprise in Plovdiv is the “Gevrek”. It’s almost like a bagel, but with a twist.

A good “Gevrek” is always made with attention, care, and craftsmanship by a skilled baker – usually a lovely elderly woman. Some people might find it a bit plane on its own, but combined with different ingredients it makes the perfect breakfast for a person living in Plovdiv.
Gali’s recommendation is to try it with creme cheese and smoked salmon or butter and goat’s cheese.
Plovdiv is a very tasty city, Gali has already tried it and so should everyone else. If you are planning to move for a couple of months or stay long term in the city, for instance, you might want to know is Plovdiv good for digital nomads and expats?
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