Digital nomad lifestyle in Barcelona – The Guide we all need

Digital nomad lifestyle in Barcelona – The Guide we all need

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Plane, car, bus, next place – as people working remotely we always end up in new exciting destinations. Half a year ago I moved to live in Barcelona to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. When I came, didn’t know almost any good places in the city to eat, drink, work or just hang out and network with like-minded people.
While building my network of people, in a new city, I took the time to explore and try out different places and things to do.
The digital nomad lifestyle in Barcelona
In one word – it’s pretty great! Many people work remotely and have chosen to live in Barcelona for various reasons. The great climate, awesome activities, creative people and delicious food are among the top ten.

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Favorite places to eat
Moving to Barcelona has made me eat less at home, just because the food that can be found out and about is delicious.
Eixampeling brunch café & bar
Starting the day with breakfast and a smoothie is never a bad idea!

Poké Maoli
Fresh, healthy, high in protein, super delicious!

Favorite places to work
Being a digital nomad would almost certainly mean that you would need to do some work while you are either visiting a place or long-term living in it.
When I look at workspaces, I don’t look only at the great WiFi connection, which is a must (duh)! Also, the ambient and the atmosphere are really important.
In Barcelona, there are many people working remotely and therefore many workspaces and coworking places. With some, you can end up paying up to 300 euros per month to be a member and have just a hot desk. Why pay so much when you can go to really good spaces for FREE?
Federal Cafe Barcelona

Nike Box Barcelona

It’s nice, it’s FREE! You only need to download the Nike app and make an account and you get to enjoy the nice views:

Favorite places for socials and networking
Soho House Barcelona
Although this is a members-only club, if you become local to Barcelona you should apply to join. They often host cool events on their rooftop where I ended up meeting cool, creative and artistic people who also live in the city.

The complete digital nomad lifestyle guide
For my complete guide that is regularly updated with my latest favorite places and activities, you can read the Barcelona Guide for Digital Nomads
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