5 Things How To Deal With Post-Travel-Blues

5 Things How To Deal With Post-Travel-Blues

What is post-travel-blues? It´s not a song! It basically describes a depression which can occur after you return from a trip abroad. A reason for that can be the reverse cultural shock, which means, especially when you have been abroad for longer, that you feel distanced and skeptical about your own culture and scrutinize every routine. You might feel being in the wrong place and would prefer to travel somewhere. While being home you will face traditions and habits which you might have changed. All those aspects can sum up feeling very depressed about the current situation and not being able to go back to normal life because you are stuck in the blues.Here are some things you can try to do while being in the post-travel-blues.

Review your trip

Look back on and reappraise your trip. Try to remember all the things of your trip, try to make a list which was special or impressive. Some people try to remember every detail to write it down in a diary to keep the memories. Other people design a photobook with notes and souvenirs. There are different ways you can account for the past trip.

Explore your home as you would explore a foreign country

A basic understanding of how you see your surrounding can help you get motivated again. If you see your own city as a place you want to explore the way you normally explore a foreign country. You will find many beautiful things because the way you look at it completely changes with this idea. You get more excited to get up and explore your own place where you first thought you know everything, but trust me, there are many new things you will find.

Connect with others

Connecting with other people with the same situation can help you a lot. It gives you the feeling of not being alone and you can exchange your feelings and the way you get through this time. There might be friends you traveled with who share the same experience. You can talk about the travels as well as about the troubles to get back to normal life and how to deal with it. Having people around you who actually understand what it feels like helps you to gain power again and to take the next steps.

Try something new

Coming back from traveling another country and fighting with the old routine of your place, it might help to try something very new which you have never done before. You can try a new kind of sport, do arts or read satiric books. Whatever it is, it will help you, to move on.

Plan another trip

Planning a new trip is obviously the easiest way to distract yourself from your blues. While planning your new adventure you will forget about the current situation and be enthusiastic getting away again. A planned trip will motivate you to continue with your routine until you will start your next trip.

The things we mention here are not a medical advice. If you have serious symptoms of a depression, please contact a professional.
This article only mentions things which might help you to get a positive and optimistic mindset.
Every traveler has his own tricks to deal with post-travel-blues and here we want to give a summary of different aspects which helped others.
Stay positive, remember all your good moments and keep going with a big smile on your face and huge amount of happiness in your heart.
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