3 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel

3 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel

We are a traveling generation. If we are free from work we go to explore a new country and try to see as much as possible from our world. Are there people who travel to much or too less? No! Everybody is different. But there are people who are really passionate about traveling and our society started to call them “travel addicts”. Let´s see how we can describe a travel addict with the three most common signs.

Your head is full of travel

Your head is full of traveling means that you already have a lot of travel memories. You can passionately talk about travel experiences whole nights without getting bored. You have thousands of stories to tell which are related to your travels in different countries.You have an endless list of places in your head which you want to explore before you die. And every day you add new destinations.Most of the thoughts you have, are about imagine new trips and remember previous travels. You are always planning and organizing your next adventure. You are thinking of how to make money to safe it for traveling a new country or to buy equipment like a new backpack or boots for your next trip. You are always thinking of checking the flight tickets and their prices.When you are at work, you get distracted about travel content easily. When you are home, you feel nervous and impatient to leave for the next trip. It makes you sick, staying at home with the same working routine every day. You can spend hours reading travel blogs or guidebooks and things about different countries. To sum it up, traveling is your priority and your head is full of those thoughts and ideas!

Traveling is your routine

You are very comfortable with traveling. You know how you have to plan and prepare your trip with the things you really need. Some people plan every detail of their tour and some people basically just pack their things and go on tour. If you are a travel addict either way you prepare your trip in the most effective way. There won’t be many mistakes. Everything is ready. You know exactly what things you have to pack, if your backpack isn´t already packed from your last trip. You have an optimized packing list and your luggage looks perfect.When you leave your house for going to the airport you feel confident and it feels like the most normal thing to do for you. You are a professional traveler!You want to be on tour as much as possible. You feel alright with every new situation. You don’t care to sleep in a budget hostel sharing a dorm with 20 other snoring people. You can sleep everywhere and want to try every adventure no matter what.If your plans changes, you adapt to the new situation and enjoy it the most.

Home is a feeling

A basic mindset of travel addicts is that home is not a place. Home is a feeling which comes up when you are with the right people in the right situation in the right place. This can happen when you are at the beach with some new travel friends, enjoying the sunset and playing some good music. It can be on the peak of a mountain in the stunning nature. Home is a feeling of being comfortable, safe and happy in once. It is not necessarily based on a location. It is a feeling which is inside you and comes up everywhere in the world.
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