3 Must Know Tips For 1st Time Solo Travel

3 Must Know Tips For 1st Time Solo Travel

It´s your first time going on a solo trip? You´re ready? You excited for your very own adventure?

Sometimes, when we prepare for a very new thing, we are always worried we might forget something. We wonder if we miss a very important info which then will give us trouble. Maybe we don’t know the most important fact about solo traveling… Don’t worry! There is not a rule or something which have to be fulfilled when you are on a trip by yourself.

We found some tips which will definitely help you on your 1st time solo travel. It is not mandatory to follow those tips but maybe they will make your first solo trip easier and amazingly great.

Be confident and safe

Basically, prepare your mindset to be confident about traveling on your own. Be confident about yourself, your strengths and your weakness. Try to compensate them. While you travel, you will get to know yourself more and more. Always be ready to grow on new challenges. When you are clear about your own character and how you react to different situations, it will be easier for you to travel on your own. It basically means that you will not be surprised by your own reaction (maybe overreaction) if you know who you are and if you are confident about that.

Another thing which is connected to confidence is being safe. How to be safe? We can’t see the danger walking towards us. The only thing we can learn is to trust our instinct. If you have a feeling in your gut that the situation is not safe, trust it. Sometimes we are too scared about situations. So, don’t stress out directly, but if there is actually a feeling inside you which warns you, listen carefully and trust it.

Another step to stay safe is that you always let somebody know, where you go or what you do. Keep somebody from home updated on your travel eternity. Some people as well leave a small message in the hostel with the note where they go and when they expect to come back. So that there is always the possibility to know where they are. This depends on how safe you feel and how much you feel like having a backup.

Travel alone but not lonely (Open up)

Something which you have to think about is, how you deal with being on your own. Being alone does not automatically mean being lonely. If you know that you can spend time on your own and enjoying reading a book or just relaxing at the beach you have a good fundament to go on a solo trip. Traveling alone does not mean that you are alone all the time. It basically means that you have your own way, where you want to go and what you want to see. On your trip, you will meet many people and make new travelling and local friends. Many solo travelers say that they make friend on their trips easier than while traveling with others. As a solo traveler, it´s more likely to connect with others. There will always be people around you who will make your trip a great memory.

Be open to what comes your way

We cannot be prepared for everything which comes our way. Even when you cannot follow your plan, enjoy the new way which just showed up. When you are traveling, always keep your mind open for the things which are unexpected. If you realize that your plan changed, don’t try to hold on this idea. If there is a new opportunity don’t be scared to follow the new path. Don’t be worried about losing any experience. Let things go and see what new adventure is awaiting you.
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