3 Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand is a metropole for many travelers. Bangkok with more than 8 million people living there has various opportunities. Travelers all over the world come to Bangkok to explore the sights, the culture, parties and the street food. In Bangkok, there is a spot for everybody. On one side, you can see old buildings with an interesting history and on the other side there are modern impressive architecture where the business goes on.

While visiting this multicultural city you also have to be careful. Every city has its blind spots. There are mistakes you can avoid if you know about it before. We have three things you can avoid while being in Bangkok. Check it out!


A way to get around in Bangkok are the Taxi´s. They are pretty cheap and you can find them everywhere. The safest taxis are the meter Taxi´s. You get in, they put on the meter and in the end, you pay the price which is on the meter. The drivers are licensed and registered. Sometimes there are private people with their car and fake-ID´s offering you a “super-cheap” fixed price. First it seems to be a good ride, but after a while they try to get more money, they stop after some minutes and tell you that they will just continue the ride if you pay more. If you want to avoid these scams, always try to get the meter Taxi´s and insist on putting on the meter.

Don´t believe everything people tell you

If you are on your way to a sight, visiting the Grand Palace for example, there will be people in the street, telling you that the Grand Palace is closed, which is not true. They mostly offer you an alternative tour or trip where they want to show you other places and you will have to pay them. Sometimes it happens that, if you are asking for the direction, people will tell you any direction. They might not know the way either and just answer with any direction to not lose their face. It can happen that people try to bargain with you and they say “ok, ok” and later they change the prices again. Sometimes it helps to ask twice and make clear what you want and inform yourself about facts (opening hours) before you go to the places.

Don’t rush through the city

Bangkok is a huge city with many famous sights. It will take you time to see all those things. It will take you even more time to actually really explore the Capital with all the hidden spots. Don’t make the mistake to just plan a view days for Bangkok. Bangkok is definitely a city where you can spend a lot of time and you can get completely lost. At first, the city seems very busy and you feel like leaving soon. But Bangkok has a lot more to see then the main sights. It’s a city full of small spots which each and every one has its very own character. There are temples, parks, small shops and restaurants in different neighborhoods, which are waiting for you. So, take the time to follow the flow, feel all the different moods of Bangkok and enjoy it the most.
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